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My name is Melanie Bonnichsen and I have been a member since February 2017.

I am a Mom of two boys ages 8 and 10. I have a passion for Fitness and Love for God & Family. I've been going to the gym since I was young, going with my mom to step class. Over the years I've fluttered around doing different Classes, Bootcamps, even Olympic Weightlifting. I was tired of where I was at and felt like I was stuck and not getting the results I wanted, so I started lifting in January-absolutely love it! I did my first bodybuilding competition in October 2017 and placed in the top 5!

My biggest hurtles I had to overcome is stepping away from my comfort zone in order to achieve my goals. I've always been in a class or group so stepping out onto the weight floor was intimidating for me, but I discovered everyone is very helpful and will cheer you on, lots of support!

My Future goals are to do another bodybuilding show and to learn & study Nutrition to become a Fitness Sport Nutritionist so I can help people achieve their goals.

My Proudest moment was stepping on stage and winning 1st in my class. Finally knowing all my hard work had paid off.

Most embarrassing song I workout to is "Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

Tips for Newbies: Don't be scared to ask for help or advice. Lifting heavy won't make you bulky or look like a man.

Words of Wisdom: Just because you missed a day at the gym or cheated on your diet doesn't mean you've blown it all, don't give up! Progress is progress. Be your best, head up & heart open. Don't give up! You got this!

Peggy pictured with Daughter in 1992
Peggy pictured in 2001
Peggy pictured in 2008

My name is Peggy Good and I have been a member since January 1992!

In September of 2006 I joined Weight Watchers for the last time, In November of 2009 I became a lifetime member and the following February of 2010 I went to work for WW as a leader to inspire others. I lost 100Ibs and maintain my weight loss. I met with a trainer at the gym, Gene Joseph to create a livable weight training plan/routine, which I maintain to this day. I climbed my first mountain at the age of 50, and continue the challenges with much greater ease. I hike Pisgah 2 days a week, celebrating 10 years of hiking in April of this year. At age 60, I feel great and have so much energy and stamina.

My biggest hurtles I had to overcome is the stigma of a heavy person lifting weights in the weight room. Changing my eating to eat less sugar, carbs and fats. I made small changes and now eat whole foods; mostly vegetarian. I don't use the word "can't" anymore, because I can do anything I set my mind to. I found that my keys to success was daily exercise and clean eating. I never touch alcohol or fast food, and keep a positive attitude.

My Future goals are to continue my passion of hiking and working out at the gym with my friends, and to be an inspiration to others. I will be hiking Mt. Pisgah until I reach 100 years of age, or older. They'll have to carry me off the mountain!! :)

My Proudest moment was when the scale dipped below 200, and when I could buy clothes that were smaller than plus sizes.

Tips for Newbies: Never give up, don't let a slip up turn into a failure. Surround yourself with positive, supportive friends.

Words of Wisdom: It's a lifelong journey, take it one day at a time, and celebrate your successes along the way.

Gina pictured with daughter in 1998
Gina pictured with Billy Blanks in 2014
Gina in 2016

My name is Gina Clifton, I am a Team Member of EFC and I have been a member of EFC for 11 years! Wow! Time fly's when you're having fun!

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. After having my first child, It seemed to only get worse. When she was 2  I decided I needed to lose weight. I couldn't keep up with her anymore, so I joined weight watchers and did Billy Blanks Kickboxing in my house.

My Goal was to lose 100 pounds! It Took me 1 year to reach this goal! The long haul of losing 100 pounds took time but I just kept my eye on the prize. My biggest hurtles to overcome were Holiday & Birthday meals. I found that my keys to success was finding something I loved! My passion is running, it really helps keeping the weight off.

My Future goals are to get a little more toned and to better my pace for running.

My most embarrassing song to workout to is my #1 running song,

"Lose yourself, by Eminem"

My Proudest moment was running a marathon and hiking Mt. St. Helens!

Tips for Newbies: Find something you love so you will stick with it. If you miss a day it's ok, just jump back in the next day :)

Words of Wisdom: You have to want it for you! No one else can do it for you, you have to want it!

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