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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:


Basic Strength:

Low impact workout that will vary from class to class. We will incorporate weights, body weight movements, steps, bands, cardio, stretching and more. We will have fun, we will sweat and we will get healthier and stronger together!


Strength Training:  This is a full body workout. It is designed to build strength, tone muscles, and shed fat. This class is for any age, body type and ability. Workout at your own pace and fitness level.


Sit and Fit: A low intensity, low impact workout. This will help increase joint flexibility, range of motion and build muscle strength.


Energetic Movement:  A fun and energetic workout with cardio and weights.  Followed by core work and topped off with some stretching!  Fun for ALL ages and ALL levels!


All Around Fit: A workout that packs short bursts of focused cardio, dynamic stretching and mobility, total body strength exercises, a fun finisher, and calming recovery  all into a 45 minute session. Exercises are typically 'at your own pace' and 'in your own space' and can be adapted to meet you where you're at.


Strictly Stretch

This class is designed encourage the recovery aspect of fitness. We all have crazy busy lives that leave us little time to take care of the important details that make sticking to a workout routine harder than it has to be. This class will help you learn stretching techniques that you can take home with you, implement into your workout routine or use to increase your overall strength, movement and mobility. Strictly stretch is for ANYONE and is a fun class to unlock the many benefits of what stretching can do for the body.


BASICS Boot Camp

If you’re looking for community, fun, a safe place to learn new exercises and an energetic way to end your day, then come on in! BASICS will lead you through different circuits, challenging you with anything from your own bodyweight to agility/performance training and weighted functional movements. Integrate strength, performance and fun into your week!



**Reserved:  Room is ‘reservable’.  Contact us if you are interested.  $100/hour with a minimum commitment of 12 hours per mo.